the pulse and poetry of the city
compositions for saxophone, voice and urban noises.
telling the stories of the streets. integrating the noise and rhythm of urban life-style.
we live the city. we listen to the city. we play the city.
we integrate the pulse and noise, the sound and stories of the city. why not just play with the trains, improvise with the conversation snippets of the streets, why not communicate face to face with the people of the city. we don´t need no concert room. the city is our stage.
do you swallow. do you swallow. do you swallow everyone who TASTES like me. #do you SWALLOW everyone #who tastes like me.
the closer YOU step, the less "I HAVE" only the shadows wrapped around your neck, PAIN!!! by the hand, juicy coconut-skin, tongues of liquid #lust, LOVE
do you swallow everyone who tastes like me?
SEX POEM #3 Thea Soti Urban Stories
"painting with lights
the city surrenders
streets bite
nobody has spoken about this fight
a distant sun whispers
and we both rain
"untameable me
dangerously wrapped around you
you intimidate me
by not moving a single finger
inside of me
i wanna smoke you
coughs slide, neon lights, green screems
too much cream
between my legs and
you disappear
i don´t wanna step on you
each city has something that stays with you long after you left. a construction, a colour. a noise. a scent. a building. a typical place that goes way beyond the sightseeing routes. invite us to your city and explore new sounds and stories.

12 pop-up performances in cologne

21 JUL hauptbahnhof / trankgasse
22 JUL schokoladenmuseum
19 AUG bahnhof ehrenfeld
20 AUG jugendpark mülheim
21 AUG südfriedhof zollstock
13 OCT buchladen agnesviertel
15 OCT bäckerei nippes
17 NOV ebertplatz passage
18 NOV jazzkiosk
11 DEC schule bayenthal
12 DEC schule innenstadt
15 DEC friseurladen agnesviertel
the project of URBAN STORIES integrates the sounds and stories of the city with compositions for voice and saxophone. their spontaneous pop-up concerts and performances want to bring a new awareness to music and surrounding noises. want to encourage a new way of thinking about concerts. the compositions reflect the musical background of both musicians, mixing elements of jazz, trash, poetry and classical music. a chamber-music experience in the streets with authentic stories.
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