a spontaneous session in my street, in the beautiful Weißenburgstraße
dead by summer
rotten plums, thick purple flesh
honey-linen skin
and half-dead bees
- fighting for their lives

i would swallow the seas
if i could save
what is left of our tired and dried grace
- butterflies glue to my fingernails

black and gold
the summer stayed too long
too much dust, the air too hot
dangerous to breathe

i found two lovers in the garden
dying in the heat
roasting on each other
as there was no other way to meet

- thea soti, 2017
in and out of bern
so what´s real after all?
who is god and where are the kings?
in this insecure land of white
who are you to treat me right or wrong?
and who am i to think
that i belonged for two seconds
into your arms?

a strong bold hit onto the heart
makes me blind
and suddenly we think we need to run
leave the earth and trust the sun
and the soldiers of the air
all dressed up in gold
- don´t let me escape

cold lips glue onto my neck
everything turns white
i hear you sing as i come around
welcome back

- thea soti, 2015
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