the legendary neighbourhood kiosk where the background music is always jazz. why not play some live music there...
softly and caring
you hit me
rough and lovely
your hand
i am bleeding
you bite me to stop the pain

sharp and dry
your heart
the only way to grow
my monsters inside

loud and warm
your words
you stand next to me
till i stop to think that
i am nothing

- thea soti, 2017
flowers growing in caves
i imagine you in warm golden places
where our fears drop like crystal-balls
and the light blinds both our faces

i imagine you in soft silence places
where we sit and watch our wishes fall into pieces

crowded days steal you
the wounds of loss make me weak
remind me of flowers
growing in caves

but the evening finds me in a place
where i imagine you

- thea soti, 2016

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